– What is the IBS?

The IBS stands for International Blackjazz Society. The IBS is a members only society that works to promote Cultural Excellence.

– How can I make contact?

At the moment the IBS can only be contacted through designated and secret recruitment plans. We are currently actively searching for the most shining members to help the IBS administration, and to lay the groundwork for the explosive growth we see coming in the near future.

Hunt for signs and riddles, and you will get closer to the IBS.

We also strongly encourage you to download the material from our PROPAGANDA SECTION and spread the word about the imminent rise of the IBS. That way we’ll be able to spot the most resourceful seeds and individuals for our organization – those who shine the brightest in the dark.

– Does the IBS have a motto or a mission statement?

For an Era dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of Cultural Excellence

For one newborn Blackjazz Nation, united under black skies
Of the people, by the people, for the people
That will never perish from this earth

For a new tomorrow, starting tonight

For Excellence

– What is 1375? Is it a person?

1375 is the ninth order and top level of the IBS. At the moment nothing more can be disclosed about 1375.

– Who controls and rules the IBS?

The IBS receives directions from 1375. Further info can not be disclosed at the moment.

– How is the IBS organized?

The IBS have nine vertical and hierarchical membership levels, subdivided into three Echelons:

Levels for website

– Can I become a member of the IBS? How do I apply?

You can become a member of the IBS in several ways. Find and solve a riddle or code, and contact us through this. We will also soon reveal other ways that we will search out and actively recruit fitting members.

– When, where, and how often does the IBS meet? Are there any special rules that regulated such meetings?

In addition to the yearly Grand Ceremony, the IBS also meet on a regular basis at national headquarters. All IBS meetings are governed by the Chatham House Rule.


– What’s the deal with the leaked video footage from the proclaimed initiation ritual in Death Valley, CA? Is it real? Is this from your yearly Grand Ceremony?

We deny any association with the mentioned video from Death Valley. The video is fabricated to try to hurt the IBS.

– Where can I find the “IBS Handbook”?

IBS manuals and documentation is strictly for members only.